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iGrow Midwest 365 Greenhouses


Delivering full spectrum light that mirrors the sun:

There has always been a large obstacle when using supplemental lighting in greenhouses in regards to the types of lighting available for farmers.  The sun is full spectrum and current HID technology uses intensity and a narrow spectrum and does little more than control the plants photochromic time.  iGROW Induction Lighting technology has been developed to mirror the sun in its true full spectrum allowing the lights to be used during the day and night to assist the sun in plant growth and not just awake and sleep cycles.​


Instant strike lamps:

The iGROW Induction light has instant strike capabilities, meaning that the light has no warm up or cool down requirements as HID lights do, this feature allows the lights to turn on and off during the day when the sun may not be as intense as the crop requires.  Current greenhouse lighting is limited in the fact that they can only be used to extend daylight and not increase light automatically during the day without destroying the lamps integrity and risk of exploding.  With light on demand possibilities the iGROW technology has the ability to assist the photosynthetic properties of chlorophyll production while plants are awake and maximize its growth potential.

Plants have a color memory:

For hundreds of years known agricultural science has found that plants do have a color memory.  Another obstacle that greenhouse lighting has encountered is that they are not the same color spectrum as the sun and should not be used in conjunction with the sun as not to influence their color memory and effect the plants growth potential.  iGROW Induction Lighting has been developed to mirror the suns full spectrum and allow the plant to have added intensity in the same spectrum and not affect its growth potential by supplementing the sun but actually increase the growth potential. 

Light Mover:

With no moving parts inside the iGROW Induction Light it makes it the perfect technology to be raised and lowered inside a greenhouse.  Without worrying about fire, safety, lamp failures, ballast failures, etc. from moving an HID light up and down iGROW can instantly turn on and be lowered to increase intensity in full spectrum to the canopy below.  The iGROW365 Light Mover system has been develop to integrate with the custom control system and seamlessly integrated with the most advanced sensor and motors in the industry.

Custom greenhouse control systems:

iGROW365  helped develop and program the most innovative greenhouse control system available on the market for plant cultivation.  There are many control system available and most can be customized to control many systems within a grow operation but the iGROW365 had to re-write standard programs to allow for the innovation of full spectrum, instant strike, light moving and sensor driven control center.

At iGROW365 we take neccessary steps to assure that your greenhouse structure and environment is properly specified. By working with the iGROW365 experts you will have the ability to have a greenhouse specifically engineered to your crop and where in the world you are growing the crop. The all inclusive iGROW365 Greenhouse System will allow the most sustainable, predictable and profit cultivation in the world. Contact Us to find out how you can go through the evaluation stages described below.

Step 1: Complete Day Lighting Integral analysis based on location of farm.

Step 2: Computerized Light Photometric analysis and design

Step 3: 3D Site / Plot Plan Design

Step 4: Custom Engineer Light Rail System for your iGROW365 Greenhouse.

Step 5: Custom Design Environment Controls specific to your crop and location and cultivation methods.

Step 6: Estimation of Total Costs to Construct

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