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Orca Grow Film 50 ft x 54 in

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Orca Grow Film - 11 mil - 54 in x 50 ft is a white plastic microfiber structure that effectively scatters light from highly reflective crystalline structures within the substrate. ORCA grow film is 94% reflective across the full visible spectrum and provides 99% diffusion. Light reflects evenly regardless of incident angle thus reducing hot spots. ORCA grow film is 100% light-tight, thermally reflecting, waterproof, and will not yellow from UV light. The film will help stop mold and algae growth, can be cleaned with household cleaners. At 11 mil thick Orca is extremely durable and puncture & tear resistant. Recyclable and Eco-Friendly, it contains no halogens, plasticizers or VOC's. Every time a light ray (radiant energy) contacts a surface, a portion of the energy is absorbed and a portion is reflected, but there is no energy loss. Materials that reflect significantly more radiant energy than they absorb are considered reflective. ORCA Grow Film is 94% reflective across the full visible spectrum, or it only absorbs 6% of the radiant energy. Reflective materials are used to increase the overall effective coverage from the grow lights in a grow room. When you cover the walls, ceiling, and floors with a quality reflective material you can increase the overall efficiency of the grow room by 30 to 75 percent. ORCA Grow Film is made from threads of a high density specialized reflective plastic which are bonded together creating a unique surface topography. The resulting geometry of the microfibers and the submicron pores within the microfiber, create a highly reflective and diffuse surface. The same principal is found in snowflakes, where normally transparent water is transformed into reflective bright white snow through the unique geometry of ice crystal formation. Diffuse reflection is important to hydroponic growers because it eliminates hot spots and creates the even, efficient distribution of light plants desire.

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