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OxyClone 20 Site System
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20 Site System
By Green Harmony LLC

The oxyCLONE was developed by a mid aged couple to clone an herb from Thailand. It is a blend of East and West ideas with over 3 years of developing, building, refining, rigorous testing, and sales. Thousands of machines were placed throughout the country through hydroponics shops. The goal has always been to provide an affordable and simple system that anyone can use. Quality manufactured materials at a price you can afford.

Now arriving at your local hydroponics shop. A totally fool proof cloner with 20 full sites. Anyone can use it and it has only 1 moving part to maintain. oxyCLONE comes with 2 full sets of oxyCERTS featuring our no pinch design..

The OxyCLONE was designed to re-educate you regarding everything you thought you knew about cloning. It has no spray jets to clog up. It has no high-powered pump to heat up your water.

You can continue to grow your plants after they root simply by adding some nutrients. Our technology totally submerses your cuttings into a bath of re-circulating oxygenated water. We have been testing using city water, no gels, no nothing, and seeing some very difficult cuttings root in as little as 5 to 10 days.

Powered by our special designed oxyHEAD delivering 130gph of turbulence and oxygen without the use of pumps and stones. This is the heart of our system. It has a venturi valve to regulate the size of air bubbles. Some folks like to turn it down to smaller bubbles, and some like to open it up all the way or even remove it. Optionally it is designed to allow you to attach a simple air pump providing more oxygen and more turbulence to your machine.
Oxygen equals life...

Your water will stay amazingly cool.
OxyCLONE is for the professional cloner's and beginners as well. Cloning gels and solutions are optional and may enhance your results but you just don't need them with the oxyCLONE. Most users only use city water allowing time for the chlorine to evaporate. Other users are reporting great results with grocery store quality PURE spring water.

The secret to oxyCLONES success is our super oxygenated re-circulating turbulent water. Keeping your water as cool and oxygenated as possible is critical to success. Oxygen is the key to all life. This is where oxyCLONE becomes the new industry leader. We can handle extreme heat and humidity issues where aeroponic systems fail to perform.

OxyCLONE is the only cloning system that will work when the power goes out. Think about how long a clone will live in any aeroponic cloner when the power goes off. Maybe they will go 45 minutes.... The oxyCLONE - 4 days - no problem.. Measures 13 x 11 x 6 and weighs 3 lbs. Easy to move around the house. Ready to go right out of the box. Add 1.75 gallons of water, and plug it in. Add your cuttings and you are done. We do emphasize the need to clean your machine once in a while or you can always pick up a second unit, as you will be having so much fun.

Simple 3 minute setup instructions included.
Price: $70.00
SKU Z003882
Available for online purchase. May or may not be available at retail locations so please call store if you are not purchasing online.
Weight 6.00 lbs

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