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Sentinel MEF-1 Controller 
Modular Ebb & Flow System Controller
By Global Product Solutions

The MEF modular Ebb & Flow hydroponics system has features not available on other economy hydroponics systems. Each growing module consists of separate outer and inner molded containers that have been custom engineered. Each module can hold up to 10-liters or 2-and-half gallons of growing medium. The MEF controller will flood and drain the growing modules at timed intervals. It can also be used in a top-feed drip configuration with a run-to-waste option.

MEF features:
* Up to 48 growing modules can be connected to a single system.
* Distribution reservoir monitors and distributes the water to the modules.
* All plastics in contact with the water or plants are 100% food-grade.
* Growing modules are engineered to fully drain, no more stagnant water in the root zone.
* High-flowing 20 mm/¾” water tubing and fittings makes for fast flood and drain times.
* Ultra-safe, “low-voltage” water pumps operate on 24-volts DC.
* Single cable connection and threaded water fittings make installation trouble-free.
* Digital controller provides a full automatic mode. Automatically times the flood & drain cycle to monitor the pumps and activates an alarm if there is a pump problem.
* Integrated leak sensor can detect water leaks and activate an alarm. The controller also has multiple alarm modes that are user selectable.

Price: $459.95
SKU Z002658
Available for online purchase. May or may not be available at retail locations so please call store if you are not purchasing online.
Weight 12.75 lbs

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