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Paradigm Gardens :: Grow Systems :: Rotating Gardens :: B-POD 120*240*360 Unit Rotating Gardens

B-POD 120*240*360 Unit Rotating Gardens 
B-Pod 120 * 240 * 360
by H20 Dynamics

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The B-Pod from H2O Dynamics is the ideal growing system for beginners as well as the skilled user; it uses the reliable and simple Ebb and Flood system, which is a series of trays that hold your plants above a container of nutrient solutions.

The B-Pod is made of precision machined aluminum and painted with a highly protective powder coated finish. The plant trays are made of a durable UV protected plastic and are designed to hold standard 4” growing media blocks. The unit is gear driven on smooth and effortless ball bearings and has a built in locking mechanism for easy loading and unloading of the trays. The light source is vertically and horizontally adjustable and is protected with a high reflective tempered glass tube.

Up and running in no time, the B-Pod can be assembled within an hour.

The B-Pod Advantage:

  • Fully automated, maintenance free and easy to operate.

  • Maximum growth, minimum time.

  • Energy savings. Save approximately 50% on energy costs using half the lights needed to grow conventionally.

  • Minimum space requirements. Save approximately 2/3 the space compared to growing flat.

  • Year round farming. Grow fresh, clean, quality produce anywhere, anytime.

  • Direct light source. Maximum light resulting to increased plant growth. No loss of efficiency due to reflectors.

  • Adjustable light source. All B-pod models come with a light source that is vertically and horizontally adjustable also resulting to increased plant growth.

  • Better use of CO2, due to it’s partially closed design.

  • Precision machined with reliable industrial quality. Although designed for industrial/commercial applications, we have three (3) models to accommodate personal applications as well.

  • Expandable. Upgrade from a B-Pod 120 to a 240 or to a 360 by simply purchasing our expansion kits.

  • Ultraviolet protected (UV) plastic. Our plant trays are made of ultraviolet protected durable plastic, which do not dry, break, or release any contaminants.

  • Quick and easy assembly. All B-pod models can be assembled within an hour.
  • 24 plant trays (designed to hold standard size: 4” x 4” media blocks).
  • nutrient reservoir.
  • 2 drip trays. 
  • watering reservoir.
  • vertically and horizontally adjustable light posts.
  • tempered glass bulb protector.
  • pump and associated hardware.
  • motor with gear driven assembly.
  • plugs into standard 110 volts outlet.
  • two year warranty.
  • time to complete a full rotation, 1 hour.
*Drop Ship Only, SHIPPING Price Varies, Call For Details.

1-87-PLANT-IT-1 or

Price: $3500.00
SKU H000621
Available for online purchase. May or may not be available at retail locations so please call store if you are not purchasing online.
Weight 0.01 lbs

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