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Paradigm Gardens :: Nutrients :: pH :: Earth Juice Natural pH Down

Earth Juice Natural pH Down 
Earth Juice Natural pH Down Powder
Earth Juice Natural pH Down is a crystallized pH adjustor used to adjust fertilizer and foliar spray solutions. Product Details Adjusting the pH of fertilizer and foliar spray solution provides a much more effective use and faster absorption of nutrients by plants.
  • Use to lower the pH & soften the water of plant solutions.
  • For soil, soilless, hydroponics, hydro-organics and foliar applications.
  • For use with organic and synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides
  • Optimal pH range for fertilizer/nutrient solution for most plant and turf is 5.5-6.5.
  • Mix solution thoroughly and adjust pH prior to application. Use the solution that day.
  • Will vastly improve all fertilizer solutions performance.
  • Active Ingredient: Citric Acid
Price: $18.00
SKU F000084
Available for online purchase. May or may not be available at retail locations so please call store if you are not purchasing online.
Weight 4.00 lbs

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