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About Us

Paradigm Gardens was established, as a family owned retail store committed to providing excellent quality progressive gardening products. Our first store, located in Omaha, Nebraska, was opened in 1999. Our second store in Madison, Wisconsin opened its doors in 2000.
Paradigm Gardens offers a premium selection of:
Horticultural Lighting
Fully Automated Growing Systems
Environmental Controls
Plant Nutrients and Supplements
Soil & Soilless Growing Medias
Specialty & Urban Gardening
Water-Wise Gardening Products

We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable sales staff and friendly service. Paradigm Gardens is dedicated to providing a healthy work environment for its workers, paying a fair wage and ensuring a safe, exciting shopping experience for our customers.

We are also professional members of the Progressive Gardening Trade Association.

The future health of our Earth and communities are important to us. We promote earth-friendly, water-wise and organic gardening practices.

Paradigm Gardens is continuously evolving to provide excellent customer service, selection and education to set the standard in the 21st Century!

We generally view gardening as a wholesome activity that enhances our environment. But pesticides, fertilizers, and erosion from gardens and landscapes can contaminate lakes, streams, rivers, the ocean, and groundwater. Since the quality of our water resources affects our quality of life, we must learn how our gardening practices can contribute to water contamination and what we can do to reduce the threat to water quality.

Many different civilizations have utilized hydroponic growing techniques throughout history. As noted in Hydroponic Food Production (Fifth Edition, Woodbridge Press, 1997, page 23) by Howard M. Resh: "The hanging gardens of Babylon, the floating gardens of the Aztecs of Mexico and those of the Chinese are examples of 'Hydroponic' culture. Egyptian hieroglyphic records dating back several hundred years B.C. describe the growing of plants in water." Hydroponics is hardly a new method of growing plants. However, giant strides have been made over the years in this innovative area of agriculture.

But by the 1970s, it wasn't just scientists and analysts who were involved in hydroponics. Traditional farmers and eager hobbyists began to be attracted to the virtues of hydroponic growing. A few of the positive aspects of hydroponics include:
• The ability to produce higher yields than traditional, soil-based agriculture.
• Allowing food to be grown and consumed in areas of the world that cannot support crops in the soil.
• Eliminating the need for massive pesticide use (considering most pests live in the soil), effectively making our air, water, soil, and food cleaner.

Commercial growers are flocking to hydroponics like never before. The ideals surrounding these growing techniques touch on subjects that most people care about, such as helping end world hunger and making the world cleaner. In addition to the extensive research that is going on, everyday people from all over the world have been building (or purchasing) their own systems to grow great-tasting, fresh food for their family and friends. Educators are realizing the amazing applications that hydroponics can have in the classroom. And ambitious individuals are striving to make their dreams come true by making their living in their backyard greenhouse, selling their produce to local markets and restaurants.

Tainted Vegetables
Financial Hardship
Soaring Food Prices
Regional Drought
Global Warming

These are just a few of the many reasons why the home vegetable garden is making a comeback in a big way.

Sales of vegetable seeds and plants are up by 40 percent over last year, an unheard of one-year growth rate for any segment of the $40 billion annual lawn and garden market. Why? Because the rise in energy prices is not only affecting fuel prices, but virtually every consumer product, including food. Obviously, one of the easiest ways to provide a hedge against rising food prices is to grow your own. This has translated into our business with the demand of high-quality nutrients and indoor or greenhouse supplies.

Gardening Year-Round!

Gardening is one of the most popular pastimes in America, and is predominately enjoyed in the warmer months. Recently, this hobby has become more of a lifestyle, with all of the focus on healthy and local food.

Many gardeners have expressed an interest in bringing the outdoors in for the winter to continue their local food production year-round. Imagine harvesting fresh herbs and greens or peppers and tomatoes for dinner throughout the winter, all in the convenience of your own home! This is all possible with recent advancements in indoor gardening technologies and the implementation of an indoor gardening area. Think of it like a greenhouse without glass walls.

What traditionally marks the end of the gardening season for most can now be viewed as an opportunity for today's progressive gardener. In order to accomplish plant growth indoors, one must utilize an energy efficient indoor plant light to replace the sun. The wattage and intensity will be determined by the type of crop to be grown. Then, the gardener may choose between hydroponics and traditional soil-based growing for their plants.

Hydroponics, which is growing plants without soil, typically allows less watering maintenance via automatic watering. That saves times and allows the homeowner to leave for longer periods of time while using less water in the process.

Gardeners may also choose to hand water their plants in soil as they would outdoors on their patio or in the garden. The same requirements for plants are needed indoors as they are outdoors, so the grower is literally creating a living environment, allowing eternal Spring all year long.

Got a basement, garage, spare room, or closet - any space will do. You can even use your new light to start next season's seeds and, who knows, you may not even want to bring them back outside at all!

You can learn much more about these concepts and the many other products developed to enable and enhance the success of your indoor gardening efforts at This new website provides a wealth of information on earth-friendly, water-wise and organic gardening topics for both the novice and seasoned pro!

With hundreds of new progressive gardening products, customers can now search through categories including horticultural lighting, fully automated growing systems, complete line of hydroponic equipment, greenhouse supplies, environmental controls, nutrients, supplements, and organics. The Paradigm Gardens™ website offers monthly product specials, special shipping offers, same day shipping, lists of best sellers, and educational information to help make the best buying decisions. Additionally customers can register to receive emails featuring monthly special offers and other valuable information.

We are a 100% Apple Macintosh based company!

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